Thursday, September 23, 2021

Map Pack 8 Finished Product

 Here's a final look at the finished maps. VERY proud of this set. The maps are currently in PRE-PRESS at a local printer. As always, I'm still taking orders for copies, so look over to your right, and order yours sooner than later!

Jungle Tomb

Skyrail Terminal

Off-World Embassy

Imperial Checkpoint

Frigid Outpost

Desert Palace

Desert Marketplace

Ancient War Academy

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Skyrail Station

 Here's a close up look at the Skyrail Station featured in Map Pack 8. This map had a few inspirations, The primary notion for it came from the train robbery scene in Solo: A Star Wars movie, along with a recent visit to train station, as well as recollections of going to the Smithsonian via the Metro Redline as a kid. 

This map was actually kind of a hassle to make. The biggest hassle was trying to figure out how to make the train track work and what kind of terrain it should be. Furthermore I had to reconcile the existence of the bridges over the train track, The simple answer, they're retractible bridges. 

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Abandoned Temple is now Jungle Tomb (These things happen)

 Looking through the old maps, I kind of realized I was treading water creatively with this map. I intended to make some modifications to the environment, and it became something else entirely.


Resistance Base/Asteroid Mine Preorders are Live!

      I decided to take a little detour and sort of spontaneously put out a little side map as I continue work on MAP PACK 9: WAR TORN GALAX...

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