Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Preview of the Abandoned Temple (or IS it Abandoned?)

 Plugging away on the finishing touches on Map Pack 8. Tonight I fiddled with the map I'm calling "Abandoned Temple" 

Or is it abandoned? Is it even a temple? I don't know. I feel like this is the kind of place that a Sith Lord may pull strings and make the big wheels roll, or perhaps a band of mercenaries have occupied some old tomb and are using it as a safe house.

Here is a preview. 

Map Pack 8 is going to print in just a few weeks. This will be a very limited print run and many copies have already been reserved, so place your order now! 

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Updates to "Imperial Checkpoint"

 The Imperial Checkpoint as you've seen it was an incomplete work. While it obviously needed more art completed on it, I was OK with the floorplan. It was suggested that a few minor tweaks would make it more viable for the small but perennially passionate group of people that still play Star Wars Miniatures competitively. Although initially hesitant to start taking requests like this (because it's a slippery slope on several different levels) I decided that the tweaks would not affect me too much. Here is an update on the floor plan. Still have a bit of work to do, adding objects and getting the lighting right, but it's shaping up nicely!

Imperial Checkpoint is part of Map Pack 8, which will go to print next month. Preorder your copy sooner than later, as this will, as always be a very limited print run! Preorder options are on the right of this page.

Thanks, Matt Francella

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Preorder Armored Cartographers Map Pack 8 Now

Hello, and welcome to the currently-under-construction home page! As discussed on Facebook, Armored Cartographers Map Pack 8 is just about finished, and pre-orders start tonight. The new set contains 4 double-sided poster maps, 8 maps in all. EXPECTED release date is September 24th, 2021. 

      This is an unusual set for me. I usually set out to make a new map pack and focus on nothing else. This one happened gradually over the last few years when the mood struck. As a result, there isn't a strong established theme, or any huge connecting mega-maps. It's actually made from pure love and leisure.

      In some aspects, it could be considered a "bootleg/reboot" set. Is "Rebootleg" a word? A couple of the maps are older maps that I desperately wanted to update. others are from old floor plans I had been sitting on. others are the result of freelance projects that the clients were kind enough to permit me to share with the public. 

      I considered starting a crowd funding campaign, but decided to cut out the middle-man and fund this myself. However, these preorders are VITAL to offsetting production expenses. 

 Here's a look at the maps: 

Abandoned Temple
SkyRail Terminal
Ancient War Academy
Desert Marketplace
Desert Palace
Frigid Outpost
Republic Embassy
Imperial Checkpoint (Still under construction)
Product Specifications: 
-34x22 inch double sided poster maps
 -Will have colored terrain markings for gameplay clarity (There won't be any available without the markings, sorry) 
-Maps will be folded for easy storage (a small handful MAY be available flat, but no guarantee) 
-gloss coated 

-45 dollars per pack US orders 
-55 dollars per pack Canada 
-60 dollars worldwide. 
2 Copies: 
 -85 Dollars US ORDERS 
-100 Dollars Canada 
-110 Dollars worldwide 

Purchase using paypal. 


Digital Copies 

      If you own the digital compendium, no purchase is neccasary. The new maps will be added to the folder You can purchase JUST THE NEW MAPS for 10 Dollars, release will the same date as physical copies. THANK YOU, AND PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS!! -Matt Francella

Shipping Options

Resistance Base/Asteroid Mine Preorders are Live!

      I decided to take a little detour and sort of spontaneously put out a little side map as I continue work on MAP PACK 9: WAR TORN GALAX...

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