Resistance Base/Asteroid Mine Preorders are Live!

      I decided to take a little detour and sort of spontaneously put out a little side map as I continue work on MAP PACK 9: WAR TORN GALAXY. As a result, a new double-sided poster map will be released Friday, December 2nd. the 2 new locations represent a "loose interpretation" Of the Resistance base in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, as well as The Asteroid Mine, inspired by the Mining Facility, Paragus, in SW, Knights of the Old Republic 2. 

     As always the maps will be one double-sided poster, printed on high-quality poster paper, folded, and feature terrain markings for easy game play. The maps will also be included in the ever-expanding digital compendium.

    The cost is 15 dollars, shipped for US orders, and 18 dollars for world-wide shipping. AS ALWAYS, THANK YOU FOR THE CONTINUED SUPPORT, 15 YEARS AND GOING STRONG!

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