Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Updates to "Imperial Checkpoint"

 The Imperial Checkpoint as you've seen it was an incomplete work. While it obviously needed more art completed on it, I was OK with the floorplan. It was suggested that a few minor tweaks would make it more viable for the small but perennially passionate group of people that still play Star Wars Miniatures competitively. Although initially hesitant to start taking requests like this (because it's a slippery slope on several different levels) I decided that the tweaks would not affect me too much. Here is an update on the floor plan. Still have a bit of work to do, adding objects and getting the lighting right, but it's shaping up nicely!

Imperial Checkpoint is part of Map Pack 8, which will go to print next month. Preorder your copy sooner than later, as this will, as always be a very limited print run! Preorder options are on the right of this page.

Thanks, Matt Francella

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