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I am currently booking work for July 2022 and beyond! I am a multi scale, multi-genre cartographer, I can make a map as small as a spaceship galley, or a map of an entire world. I create maps of any location in any reality or setting. I want to work with you. While I believe my work speaks louder than words, I bring more to a project than just my art. I will give you the same regard, respect, and passion for your passion project that I would give any major publisher. I will guide you through my entire process from pencil to printer, to ensure you get exactly what you conceptualize. If you have a deadline, I will respect it and treat it as my guiding light. Please enjoy a sample of work. 

 Freelance Commission, Deck Plans to the "Spry Nomad"
Two of my Sci-Fi maps I'm rather fond of. A wilderness bunker thats been carved into the side of a mountain, as well as the "Royal Militia HQ", an elegant and high-tech center located in an "old-world" styled plaza on some peaceful world.
Details are important to me. Tiny details. I believe that even if the conscious mind doesn't notice them right away, the eyes will pick up the details and signal the brain to get into character. little things on a table help move the story. Glowing intricate tech screens and out of place chairs add life to an environment. Please enjoy these examples of my passion for details down to the pixel.
My fascination with cartography started at an early age when I was introduced to Dungeons and Dragons, I found myself more enthralled with the maps than I did the games. Here are some examples of fantasy styled projects I've worked on. Here you will see my range in scale from dungeon to continents, as well as some of the tricks I use to create cool map assets.
Here is an example of my cyberpunk-themed maps. In 2019 I had the opportunity to work with R. Talsorian games on their updated version of the iconic Cyberpunk RPG. I was lucky enough to have my work included in the Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit. It was a huge honor and a career landmark for me. These are not maps included with their set, but work inspired by my time with them.

This is the Night Market, a back alley marketplace where you can find everything to stolen produce, to explosive ordinance. It's a 24x36 inch poster, on a 1.5-inch grid. This was initially designed to be used with Heroclix, but it will hopefully be the first in a series of my own line of digital products for use with any cyberpunk-themed RPG's
Here are some of the close up details. The deatils take a little more time, but It adds to the mood and helps players and game masters have a more immersive experience. Cyberpunk to me as a location means living in a huge world, while ironically constantly struggling to find space. I try to put these concepts into my maps, by creating clutter as seen in the pawn shop and alleyways. Texture and lighting are vital as well. Neon lighting juxtaposed with grime, and something as simple as a scuffed up diner floor can evoke dystopian concepts and help get into character.

Does it get anymore dystopian that Elon Musk and his Cybertruck?
Outside the city walls, remnants of the world before. Again, and example of how important texture is to me.
Here's an example of an ongoing cyberpunk project I'm working on as part of planned subscription service for a perpetual dysopian city. This is a good example of how I make city scale maps, and even at this scale, my passion for detail and mood are vital to my work
One of my independent product lines was a line of 3rd party Heroclix compatible maps. the brand was named Mighty Maps. I had a I had successful run over about 3 years, but the demand for Heroclix maps was diminished by the rate that WizKids puts out their own maps, as well as several other companies putting out 3rd party maps. I'm using much of the work I did to create smaller and gritter encounter maps tentatively called "Mean Streets". These are good examples of more realistic settings in a more modern-themed maps.
I've been very luck to have a long standing relationship with a very wonderful independent gaming publisher called "Evil Robot Games."
The partnership has been very fruitful and I've been able to produce a plethora of different ships and environments. for them. Recently, I've been active in there steampunk campaign setting called "Age of Steam" and it's given me exposure to Victorian and Wild West themes.



If you're interested in getting some work done, please email me at MATT.FRANCELLA@GMAIL.COM


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